Dodgy Election Tactics

It must be the election time again – I can see various political candidates on TV, jumping at every opportunity to have their photo taken while patting a child, holding a child, or just near a child.
Personally, I have no idea why they even bother with the election; if the Labor remains at the helm, they’ll be changing Prime Minister every few months anyway…..

But as for the actual election campaign – why do they all feel the need to be next to some random kids? I am not only having a go at one political party, or even one country, no. It happens all over the world. Just have a look:

Here is the Prime Minister of Australia K. Rudd doing his best to look engaged.

Australian PM K.Rudd

Australian PM K.Rudd (ALP) pretends to have fun








And here is the President of the USA, showing some lovin’

President Obama doing his media thing.

President Obama doing his media thing.







And here’s the founder of the Communist Russia, Vladimir Lenin, or as he was lovingly known “Дедушка Ленин” (Grandpa Lenin)


Founder of the Communism in Russia








Here is another one, of a man responsible for the death of over 60 million people during the World War II

Hitler, hugging a couple of kids.

Hitler, hugging a couple of kids. Was he planning to invade France at this moment? Or kill all the gays?









I guess what I am trying to say is that taking a photo while surrounded by children does not make you a better candidate, does not make you a better person. Maybe it’s just me, but all it tells me that you, as a candidate, have really very little of substance to show us and are trying to fill in the void by (someone else’s) cuteness.

Now, I am not a whinger, but… it would be nice if all the candidates, from all the parties spend less time sucking up to the media and more time developing policies and strategies that will actually work.

4 thoughts on “Dodgy Election Tactics

  1. Politicians near a camera are just like kids at a party; you just can’t stop them, they can’t help themselves.

    And for a Pollie, it’s much simpler to smile at a camera than introduce a workable policy and argue its virtues.

    We’re in for another 4 weeks of concentrated political antics which will eventually drive the population to drink, or boost the sales of straitjackets.

    But it provides plenty of material for political cartoonists.

    Some of mine are here . . . . . . .




  2. Children response more positively to politicians rather than with the cynicism of their adult counterparts. Any deviation from an unexpected response can be explained by a child’s tiredness etc. Decides isn’t it all about “Working families.”


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