Scum Villages of Amsterdam, or Gulags of Russia?

There is this post doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment, and everyone seems to be so happy about it, hitting “Like” and “Share” and showing their support…. It’s the one about City of Amsterdam hanging out gay pride flags on all council owned buildings and offices. All this just in time for Putin’s visit to Amsterdam. They do it in protest to Russia’s new anti-gay law.

Facebook post displaying gay pride flags in Amsterdam

Facebook post displaying gay pride flags in Amsterdam

Well, I have a problem with it.

First off, let me make it clear that I don’t support Russia’s anti-gay laws.

What I do have a problem with is some lousy local city council trying to tell sovereign foreign country how to run their internal policies. it’s a bit like a Shih Tzu trying to pick a fight with the Moscow Watchdog.

I probably wouldn’t have reacted this way, if it wasn’t for the fact that Amsterdam is currently looking into creating a “scum village”. A modern day version of a lepers colony. The idea behind it is that the council is to create separate camps where people who are making a nuisance of themselves, or are behaving in ways deemed ‘anti-social’ can be sent away.

I assume that the Amsterdam council wants to clean up their municipality and dispose of all the “trash” in one sweep. Which would be great, if it didn’t smell so much of Russian’s infamous gulag system. This is exactly what Stalin was doing – sending people who were deemed ‘anti-social’ to Siberian camps.

So, here it goes: I am not a whinger, but… if you want to teach someone how to fix stuff in their backyard, how about you make sure first that Your backyard is clean?

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