Busting a Worldwide web of child sex abusers

348 people arrested, 386 children removed from harm, 350,000 images and over 9,000 videos of child sexual abuse found, the website earning over $4 million a year shut down – all this as a result of a major investigation that ran for 3 years and spread to 50 nations.

The figures above came to the world’s attention after the string of arrests performed by various law enforcement agencies around the globe. It all started with investigation into a child pornography website lead by Canada.

Police conducts search.

Police conducts search. Photo – abc.net.au

While paedophilia is a deplorable crime in itself, what I found especially appalling is professions of people arrested on paedophilia/child pornography related charges. Among those arrested were 40 school teachers, nine doctors and nurses, 32 people who volunteered with children, six law enforcement personnel, nine pastors or priests, and three foster parents. All these people are the very same who supposedly would be the most obvious choices for a child to turn to when looking for protection.

Arresting all these people is an achievement the Police services all over the world can be really proud of. However, the question now is – what will happen to those who got arrested and later (hopefully) convicted? Will they get a significant jail time, or will they just get a slap on a wrist and be out on a street in a couple of years, ready to do it again, only with more cunning and more devious ways to lure the victims and avoid being caught?

Police conducts search.

Police crackdown on child pornography
Photo – abc.net.au

What’s equally important, how can we make sure that these people do not re-offend? In Australia, we do not have an official registry of known sex offenders. And when people like Darryn Hinch speak up, they are the once who end up in trouble with the law.

I think it’s long overdue for us to stop relying on individuals like Hinch and on NGO’s like Movement Against Kindred Offenders and start applying pressure on State and Federal governments to enforce stricter penalties for sex offenders and a central data base of all known sex offenders.

4 thoughts on “Busting a Worldwide web of child sex abusers

  1. Agreed. It is truly disturbing. I saw a documentary out of the US that was about the taskforce dedicated to identifying and tracking down sexual offenders and paedophiles – one of the most confronting things stated in that (I’ll look for the name and provide you with a link at some stage) was that there ARE TOO MANY of them, and not enough resources, even if the entire weight of law enforcement agencies were applied. That is SCARY.

    They ARE doctors, policemen, lawyers, politicians, nurses, teachers… like you said – people that you would expect your child to be able to trust.

    Many times I have considered removing my children from school environments and home schooling them because it is everywhere. Children are also being exposed to things like pornography at a much younger age (so easily accessible).. the principles and values society is instilling in our children are setting us up for an increase in such behaviour, and I fear it is only going to get worse.

    😦 Makes me sad!

    Penalties are NOT sufficient.


  2. You just hit the nail on a head – “Penalties are NOT sufficient”!
    I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but I am a strong believer that the jail is not suppose to be a rehabilitation or educational facility. The jails should be a means for punishment. No TV, no gym, no newspapers, no food above the bare minimum needed to survive. By the time a criminal is released, he should have nightmares at the very thought of going back in.


  3. It’s not just pedophilia – these children are kidnapped or sold into slavery by their parents. The child sex slave trade is booming worldwide. Jail is too good for some of these folk; they should just be drenched in bbq sauce and thrown to wild dogs….


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