Celebrity Gossip Vs News

To be fair, the title of this blog might be a bit misleading. It’s not really celeb gossip VS news. Today, celebrity gossip IS the news.

Just think about it…..

Dennis Rodman making headlines

Dennis Rodman making headlines

Dennis Rodman travels to North Korea to bring birthday presents to his mate, dictator Kim Jong Un. Is it a gossip, or a news item? Or a fusion of both? What about AFL legend Doug Hawkins standing for Palmer party in a last election? Or U2’s front man Bono speaking about Mandela. Gossip? News? Search Google News for “Schapelle Corby” and the top result is about the bidding war for her first post-jail interview. Does anyone really give a shit?

Do we really care what celebrities think or say? (the two are not necessarily the same) What’s even more important, when did it become acceptable to substitute facts of political, economic or cultural news with titbits of celebrity gossip disguised as news?

So what have we got here….Rodman is breaking the United States law that forbids the flow of luxury items into North Korea. Hawkins? He was, without a doubt, an extremely talented sportsman and a bit of a court jester on The Footy Show, but that doesn’t make him even remotely qualified to enter politics. Bono – hardly a person inspiring respect. He is known for his “efforts” to eliminate poverty in Africa; however some experts say that what he does is actually causing more damage than good. Also, Bono – the citizen of Ireland, is not the most popular Irish son, all because he chooses not to pay his taxes in Ireland.

Schapelle Corby - alleged drug smuggler

Schapelle Corby – alleged drug smuggler

Schapelle? An alleged drug smuggler who somehow managed to attain status of quasi celebrity.

So why are we being forced to accept these celebrity gossip – turn – celebrity-flavoured news?


The answer is two-fold. First, it is much easier for local news crews to regurgitate already substandard overseas news than to report it’s own. Second, and probably more important, is the fact that the news business is a money making venture. This makes it impossible to report the news objectively.

7 thoughts on “Celebrity Gossip Vs News

  1. You seemed to have overlooked the common thread which runs through all of these ‘news’ items Eugene, by and large they’re all products of the Murdoch media. Rupert turns out this shit on a daily basis on an international scale – fit to bust a gut. Rupert will tell you that this is what people want to read. Therefore, if you own 70% of the Australian media and fill your publications and electronic media outlets with it, that’s all that most people have or choose to read/watch.
    Self fulfilling prophesy really. Yes, I know that the other 30% of the media also carry these stories but they don’t usually occupy page 1 or page 3 along side the tits that are featured in the Murdoch rags. So if you want genuine news – switch to either Fairfax, The Guardian, SBS or ABC then at least you’ll get some genuine news stories. And always try to remember Winston Churchill’s remark to Lord Beaverbrook (British media tycoon of the 1920s and 30s; ‘There is no such thing as public opinion – only published opinion!’


  2. It’s the modern newsroom dilemma, it’s no so much re-reporting foreign pre-made stories, it’s the same for domestic ones. Without a vested interest having a media team packaging the stories, they simply don’t get out. Be they good stories or bad, the research resources and reporters spend their days negotiating with the media relations people. The idea of going out and finding a story seems to exist only in the comic books.


  3. I steer away from the Mainstream media, personally. I will listen to ABC Radio in the mornings, NEVER watch news on the Television and NEVER buy any newspapers.

    Most of the news I do access is online and that (If I am interested enough) I will Google multiple sources to try and gain the full story and or facts..


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