My Thoughts on Europe’s Decision to Accept Terror

Once again, I am amazed at myself. I am amazed that after everything I’ve read, everything I’ve seen, everything I’ve experienced, I still get surprised by people’s stupidity.

This time, it is the collective stupidity of politicians forming the European Union. I call it stupidity, because if I start using words I really feel as adequate to describe them, this blog would have to come under the X-rated classification.

For number of years now I have been observing EU becoming more and more Left-wing, more and more moving towards the path of self-destruction, pursuing agenda of groups whose aim is to destroy progress.

This time EU managed to not only to put a noose around their own neck, but also to tighten it.

I am referring to EU Court’s order to the EU to drop the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas from its terrorist blacklist, and to European Parliament’s vote to recognize Palestine statehood ‘in principle’.

Did they even bother to look into the matter? Have the history taught them nothing?

Sweden – how soon you forgot about Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, an Iraqi-born Swedish citizen, who carried out the 2010 Stockholm bombings. He’s done it in the name of Jihad.

France – how soon you forgot about Air France Flight 8969. Or 1995 Paris Métro and RER bombings, both carried out by the Armed Islamic Group. Or The Toulouse and Montauban shootings, perpetrated by Mohammed Merah, French citizen, of Algerian descent. All this done in the name of Jihad.

Ireland – how soon you forgot one of your sons, James Foley – beheaded by an ISIS. Done in the name of Jihad.

terror at Lindt Cafe, Sydney siege

Lindt Cafe, Sydney siege

Now have a look at the extract from Hamas Charter:

“The Motto of Hamas: Allah is its Goal. The Messenger is its Leader. The Quran is its Constitution. Jihad is its methodology, and Death for the sake of Allah is its most coveted desire” Yes – Jihad.

Or maybe your lawmakers skipped this part of the Charter: “There is no solution to the Palestinian Problem except by Jihad. The initiatives, options, and international conferences are a waste of time and a kind of child’s play”.

Europe – ask yourself, what does Hamas mean by this: “In the shadow of Islam it is possible for the followers of the three religions-Islam, Christianity, and Judaism-to live in peace and harmony, and this peace and harmony is possible only under Islam”? I hope you are well prepared to live in the shadow of Sharia Law.

Now, I understand that Europe doesn’t care about the Jews – it never did. Europe was sitting by, idly watching 6 million Jews being slaughtered in Holocaust. Now, only 70 years later, Europe is quite happy to be a spectator in a next round of atrocities. There are only 3 problems with it.

The first one – terrorists will NOT let you to be just a spectator. When Hitler started his march across the Europe, he begun by promising that his ideas are only directed against Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and communists. 60 Million people had to die, before the monster was stopped.

The second one – you will not be spared. Lets consult the Hamas Charter once again: There are “secret organizations throughout the world to destroy societies and promote the Zionist cause; these organizations include the Freemasons, the Rotary and Lions clubs, and other”. There are close to half a million Freemasons in UK alone. Lions club members – 1.36 million members worldwide. Rotary clubs account for about 1.2 million members worldwide. Hamas’ aim is to murder all these millions of innocent people.

Western Wall, Jerusalem

Western Wall, Jerusalem

The third one – the Jews are not that easy to kill any more. They proved it time and time again defending their homeland from Muslim aggression.

I would like to finish by quoting the Reverend Charles F. Aked- “It has been said that for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.”

3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Europe’s Decision to Accept Terror

  1. Wait a second. James Foley was not Irish, he was an American. Europe’s most left leaning countries, the Scandanvian ones, are the most prosperous and advanced on Earth. Europe didn’t stand by while Jews were being killed, hello! it was happening in Europe.

    European nations have decided that we’ve had enough of the ridiculous wars being perpetrated against Muslims by the USA, the most violent country on Earth. The recent CIA report (as if it were a surprise) has finally revealed the true enemy of humanity, the USA. It’s no wonder the Muslims want the yanks wiped out, when the US regularly bombs, incinerates, blitzes them to bits all because they’re chasing after ISIS, an organisation that poses no threat to the West in any way.


    • Hi Dave,
      thanks for reading and commenting. Just to answer few of your points….
      You are right – Foley was an American citizen. He was also of Irish decent, hence my reference.
      Scandinavian countries – you are right again, they are some of the most prosperous in Europe. However, if you check the news, you’ll see that they all experiencing problems with large intake of refugees from the Middle East, and those refugees, instead of being grateful and contributing to the society that sheltered them, threaten with violence.
      Ansar al-Sunna is threatening that if a section of Oslo isn’t transformed into a Sharia-compliant Muslim nation, an attack rivalling 9/11 will be launched against this Scandinavian nation.
      And what about this Islamic Mufti in Copenhagen sparking a political outcry after publicly declaring that women who refuse to wear headscarves are “asking for rape.”
      Bottom line is – Scandinavia is far from the idyllic place some people think it is.
      I know very well that the bulk of WW2 was happening in Europe, this is not the point. The point is, that with a very rare exception, the people of Europe did nothing to stand up and protect their fellow countrymen from being send to gas chambers. I guess as long as it wasn’t them, it was OK. It was not OK.
      As for USA being the most violent country on Earth, and Muslims being justified in wanting to wipe America off the face of the Earth – NOTHING justifies killing off entire nation… NOTHING

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